Our latest market commentary - The outlook for Inflation

Central bankers around the world are paid to find ways of stimulating global growth.  They are entrusted with the authority to responsibly manipulate our economies in pursuit of growth and are given various levers to pull in order to achieve this goal.  The most common of these levers is the ability to change our interest rates. Reducing interest rates makes borrowing cheaper and stimulates investment.  Increasing rates makes investors more reluctant to borrow more expensive money and helps to cool overheating growth.  However, when rates are already at close to zero or indeed negative (i.e. you pay an annual charge for saving money), this most important of levers no longer works – rates can go no lower.  It’s then that our central bankers are forced to design new tools to do the job that interest rate manipulation can no longer perform – please welcome ‘Quantitative Easing’ (QE) to the global stage.