Our latest commentary - Midterm mayhem

As a Republican President, Donald Trump has enjoyed a majority in both the House of Representatives and The Senate since his election. However, the problem for him has been that his majority is slim and that some of his own Republican members of Congress don't believe in his policies or what he stands for. After November 6th, when the US public head to the polls to vote in the midterm elections, Donald Trump could well lose this slender majority in either or both Houses. These elections are seen as a stark choice between Trump's ideologies on the one hand and just about anything else on the other. He's desperate to win, not least because losing control of the Houses would turn him into a "lame duck" President. If he does lose control, then of more concern must be the possibility of personal impeachment after the scandals that have dogged him and his entourage over the past 24 months. This makes the US midterms a make or break for the embattled President.